The Code Mafia

"Killer Contractors"

The Code Mafia provides unrivalled expertise in graphics and performance consultancy services to the games industry. Our specialist skills in Xbox 360™, Playstation 3™, Wii™, PSP™ (PlayStation Portable), Nintendo DS™ and PC technology are now available to software developers, publishers, hardware developers and OEMs.

We aim to be your one-stop shop for graphics, performance, networking and front end programming solutions as well as developer due diligence reports. Whether you bring us in to clean up a problem late in a project, or you involve us early on to ensure things run smoothly from the start, The Code Mafia solves your problems.

Since 2002 Code Mafia have worked with many video game Publishers and Developers to help ship AAA quality games on time. Our ability to solve resourcing problems, to always meet deadlines and to always surpass our customers' expectations has brought in plenty of repeat business.

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Code Mafia hitmen take that pain away. Simple.
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