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Carl Birkinshaw

Carl Birkinshaw

(Il Dottore)
Coding Consultant

Carl was awarded a Ph.D from the University of Sheffield for his research into formal design methods for parallel and distributed real-time systems. Since then he has applied his expertise in parallel processing, networking and optimisation across the IT and Games industry. Previous work includes: implementing a distributed architecture for the world's leading software rendering solution for the CAD/CAM market, designing and deploying high-availability web servers for mobile-phone games delivery, and the design of distributed biometric databases for employee/customer security access solutions.

Over the last ten years, Carl has enriched the player's experience of AAA titles from prominent games studios and all the major publishers, by integrating networked play and online features (such as Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Network, Voice over IP), and optimising game engine and gameplay code for differing networking environments and target platforms.

Carl is also an Associate Lecturer for Sheffield Hallam University's degree courses in software engineering for games.

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