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David Worrall

David Worrall

(Il Grosso)
Coding Consultant

David Worrall has over 22 years game development experience. In that time, he has programmed on nearly every major game development platform, working both in the UK and abroad in roles from programmer to studio director. He has helped ship many titles including three number one best sellers. He has unrivalled experience in nearly every aspect of game technology, including graphics, sound, physiscs, AI, data pipelines and general game engine architecture. Particular specialities are 3D graphics systems and low level optimisation.

As a contractor for Code Mafia, David has worked on several games including EA's "Burnout" for PSP/PS2 and EA's "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" for PS3, XBox 360, PC, PS2, PSP and Nintendo DS.

David has a Bsc(Hons) in Electronic Engineering

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