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Derek Marriott

Derek Marriott

Coding Consultant

Dr Derek Marriott has eight years experience as a technical consultant working with all leading games publishers, and studios across Europe. He is most in demand for his knowledge of 3D graphics systems and his abilities to optimise various systems.

With a PhD in parallel processing, he has developed rendering algorithms on a range of parallel architectures, ranging from shared memory through to super computers, and some rather esoteric ones in between. He has several years experience with a leading software photorealistic rendering company where he developed various parallel algorithms as well as various analytic antialiasing algorithms. This background in software rendering has become invaluable as graphics hardware has become more amenable to software rendering techniques.

Derek has an interest in innovation and has helped several small companies develop technology and get their products onto the market. He also does some work with UK innovation NGOs monitoring projects, and has experience with claiming grants for innovation. Derek is also completing an MBA so his expertise can be exploited throughout an organisation. Dr Marriott also lectures on various parts of games technology and has developed a parallel processing training course for programmers in the games industry.

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