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Richard Huddy

Kevin Strange

(Fat Tony)
Director of Partner Management

Kevin Strange has been working with many European Games Developers and Publishers and has been a key player in the Games industry since 1998.

During this time he has gained a wealth of knowledge about current and future platform technologies and built many strategic and personal relationships with the developers and publishers in the European games development community.

Kevin's technical/marketing background coupled with his knowledge of how the industry works has enabled him to have a high understanding and be considerate to publishers and developers needs on all levels (Technical Director, Executive, Marketing, Producer, Programmer and Artist). He is also aware of the structure, schedules and products in development of all these potential future customers.

Armed with the extended knowledge of what additional services Publishers and Developer's require Kevin develops and negotiates the various services that we offer. Taking advantage of the relationships he has built over the years he proactively communicates these services to the games community via personal visits, email and phone.

Kevin manages Code Mafia's relationships with customers ensuring that we are delivering 100% in all our services managing our internal resources based on workload and priority. Collecting constant feedback from our customers and using it to update the services we offer.

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