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The below services are available for Xbox 360™, Playstation 3™, Wii™, PSP™ (PlayStation Portable), Nintendo DS™ and PC.

Our contractors have a wealth of experience on many platforms and many programming fields. If you have any specific requests outside of the below services then please contact us.

Performance Optimization

With 40+ man years expert experience in CPU and Graphics performance analysis at you disposal, The Code Mafia can help you increase the performance of your Game.

Graphical Features

In a market place full of games where AAA titles make all the money how do you make your game stand out from the crowd and become AAA? How do you get the attention of the press and have them telling everyone how great your game is? How do you get gamers rushing out to buy their copy as soon as it hits the shelves? Clearly, great game play and high performance are essential.

Next comes the look of the game. Your game is designed to take players to an alternate reality. Whether your game's look be realistic, abstract, cartoon, bright, colorful, happy, futuristic, dark, evil or violent, it is great graphics that will help bring your vision to gamers and immerse them in your game's world. Improving this experience will help your game get the great reviews that will secure AAA status and hence maximize sales of your title.

Now imagine having the most talented real time graphical Special FX team in the industry at your disposal, including key technical staff Previously at NVIDIA (Providers of the Playstation 3 graphics processor) and currently working at ATI (Providers of the Xbox 360 and Wii Graphics Processors).

Work with The Code Mafia and you will get access to contractors who know more about how to drive the graphics capabilities of the current generation of games consoles than 99.999% of biodegradable life forms on this planet.

Developer Due Diligence Reports

Publishers deciding which developers to work with on key projects will always need as much information as possible to make their decisions.

Experience has shown that both internal management and external investors will really appreciate having the expert opinion of a 3rd party. Code Mafia's detailed developers due diligence reports provide extensive information.

Code Mafia's reports can help confirm internal opinions or help internal teams who are often under resourced to make more informed decisions and justify them.

Technical Directors are a very valuable internal resource, we can help save them time and money by visiting numerous potential developers onsite and providing the details Technical Directors need to short list developers.

If you would like to receive an example developer due diligence report then please contact us.

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